How to sew buttons

When it is a shirt, skirt, court and any other type of dress with the buttons, all the sewers should have to stitch the varied numbers of buttons correctly and strongly. Some of the beginners don’t know how to stitch the buttons on their finished clothes. Here are the simple and professional steps suggested by the experts to stitch the buttons easily and quickly.

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All you need:

The following are the essential ingredients you need for sewing the buttons of the shirts, court and other types of clothing. They include,

  • Needle (1 or 2) – You need any type of basic sewing needle but slimmer is the better choice for stitching the buttons.
  • Buttons – It is always suggested choosing the original and high quality buttons for your expensive shirts for having longer life. The sewers can go for two holes or four holes buttons according to the type of clothing you are going to use.
  • Thread – You will actually need about 12 inches to do the entire process of sewing the buttons. If you are doubling the threads, it is required to choose 12 inches. The double threads while the sewing process of the buttons will be really great to easily put the knot and it is little bit stronger than single thread. It is recommended using the thread which is exactly matching the color of the garment but in the black, pinch or navy colors are pleasant for each and every cloth.
  • Cutting tool – The sewers require knife, scissors or something which is very sharp to cut the excess thread after stitching the buttons.


When you are travelling and in immediate need of sewing any button on your cloth when you don’t have these kinds of items, don’t worry because there are emergency sewing kit available in the shops with all necessities.

How to stitching the button:

If possible, it is suggested to take off your clothing from your body to easily and quickly sew the button.

  1. Thread your needle and knot the end – When you have 24 inches with the double threads, you have to insert it in the thread and put the knot by leaving equal amounts on both the sides. Instead of 24 inches thread, you can also go for the 12 inches thread to work with your buttons.
  2. Create anchor X point – You have to start stitching at the back side of the cloth and run your needle through to the front portion where you need to attach the button. At the point of this X, your button will be centered.
  3. Position the button – The sewers have to put your button on the anchor X point and start stitching by pushing your needle from back to front via the first button hole.
  4. Make the shank – On the last repetition of the preceding step, you have to come back through the fabric but not through the button to finish your sewing process.
  5. Tie it off – At the end, you have to put the tie on the back side of your clothing to make your buttons stronger enough to use.

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