How to calculate how much thread you will need

As a professional sewer, everyone should need to know calculating method to find the thread usage for the particular clothing. Using only the mathematics, it is little bit difficult to find how much amounts of thread you need for a specific cloth. This is why it is highly recommended to use the reliable guide with the chart of the different thread colors you need for stitching. At the same time, different stitching styles, wastage and also the tensions due to the pulling out and also rework all add to the end result.

Start estimating thread usage:

In order to get the information on how much thread will be used for the clothing, you need to follow these steps including,

  • First of all, you have to start by using two ply and also stitching the 10 x 10 area on your selected material. It is no matter how many stitches to the inch you are working. It is better calculating the thread usage with how may stitches you are going to make per inch. It will totally generate hundred stitches.
  • In the next step, you have to look at the straightforward length of floss already used. For example, if it was 25 inches, every stitch will take 25/100 inches = 0.25 inches of floss on average. This measurement is assuming the ideal stitching and there is no waste. It is basically the inches per stitch value. It is the common thread usage measurement for the 100 inches. You can start the whole calculation by multiplying that by the amount of stitches of the specific color in your chart. At the same time, you have to probably increase some of the measurement to the account for the cut ends, wastage, rework and etc.

Guide to calculate the thread usage:

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According to the different factors including style of the clothing, length, additional style preferences and all other needs of the clothing, the thread consumption will be varied from one cloth to another. When the individuals are in need of calculating the amount of thread consumption in the particular clothing, there are generally two methods available such as,

  • By measuring the real amount of the thread consumed
  • Through the calculation using the thread consumption ratios

In order to make the measurement of actual thread consumption, first of all you have to find the specific length of the thread and calculate its ratio regarding the thread consumed in the total closure/seam. You can get the thread consumption ratio by actually dividing the amount of used thread by the closure or seam length.


When you are multiplying this factor times with the total seam length, you can easily determine the overall thread consumption for the clothing. Commonly in all types of clothing, 10 to 15 % of thread will be wasted due to the different conditions like thread breakage, machine running, repairs and etc. By following this simple procedure, you can easily calculate the actual thread consumption for the various stitching operations in the clothes.

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